Philosophy of

Woodvinum was founded as a result of our dissatisfaction with how fine wines were being presented. Melvin Keijzer, owner of Woodvinum, remedied this situation by introducing exquisite wine coolers made from beautiful, sustainably produced woods such as walnut and teak.

The natural characteristics of these woods ensures that every wine cooler leaving the studio is a unique work of art.

Artist integrity, quality and expertise are the key priorities for this young entrepreneur's company, which now meets the needs of individual customers and businesses alike when it comes to adding an elegant touch to the enjoyment of fine wines. Each and every Woodvinum wine cooler is meticulously hand-crafted by our artisans.

Melvin Keijzer: 'I see it as an exciting challenge to convince both hotel and restaurant owners and private individuals that the true enjoyment of wine isn't complete without having it served in a Woodvinum wine cooler. The ingredients for an unforgettable evening? Good company, delicious food, fine wines and, of course, a Woodvinum wine cooler.'